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Come experience Schneider Electric through our Schneider Global Student Experience.  Learn more about what it takes to have a career in these areas as part of our learning tracks: Sales & Marketing, Services, Supply Chain, Digital careers, or Sustainability as a Business. Gain knowledge that you can take with you for your next project, interview or internship. The Schneider Global Student Experience is made up of self-paced e-learning and a simulated project with real feedback from professionals in the field based on the track you select.
The Schneider Global Student Experience is open to students from all countries.


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This experience is self-driven. Students are expected to complete the learning in their own time by the deadlines provided. No extensions will be granted.


What types of courses can we expect?
The Schneider Global Student Experience consists of e-learning modules and online simulated projects. There are currently 5 learning tracks to choose from:

  1.  Sales & Marketing: Discover our customers and partners, understand the value chain and learn how to influence a business. For all those seeking a basic knowledge and understanding of selling.
  2. Services: Learn about how Schneider Electric maintains and improves system reliability, productivity, comfort and efficiency. We provide a sneak peek into our services business including our power, automation and control, and building life cycle service solutions.
  3. Supply Chain: Understand how to meet the challenges of today’s digital economy, where customers want both products and services quickly and tailored to their unique specifications, and how Schneider Electric have fundamentally reimagined our Digital Supply Chain.
  4. Digital careers: While it's important to have the right set of digital skills in the context of our jobs today, it's also crucial for all of us to be future-ready and up to date to become true Digital Citizens. This track explores the 6 key skills Schneider Electric has identified for future digital careers.
  5. Sustainability as a Business: The Schneider Electric team keeps their eyes on the future of energy management and corporate sustainability. Explore the hottest topics and trends, and the beadth of solutions as part of this learning track. 



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