IEEE El-Shorouk Academy SB Code of Conduct General Version

Table of Content

  • Table of Content 
  • What is IEEE?
  • Corporate identity 
  • Governance
  • Global Public Policy.
  • IEEE in Egypt .
  • IEEE El-Shorouk Academy .
  • Structure of IEEE SHA SB
  • Rules of IEEEians! .
  • Ethical Rules of IEEEians! .
  • Rewarding & Punishment system .

What is IEEE?

Institution of Electric & Electronic Engineers IEEE and its members inspire a global community to innovate for a better tomorrow through its more than 419,000 members in over 160 countries, and its highly cited publications, conferences, technology standards, and professional and educational activities. IEEE is the trusted “voice” for engineering, computing, and technology information around the globe.

Corporate identity

IEEE members collaborate on world‐changing technologies, from computing and sustainable energy systems to aerospace, robotics, communication, healthcare, and more.


IEEE is led by a diverse body of elected and appointed volunteer members. The governance structure includes boards for operational areas as well as bodies representing members in the 46 Societies and technical Councils and ten worldwide geographic regions.

Global Public Policy

IEEE and its organizational units engage in coordinated public policy activities at the national, regional, and international levels to advance the mission and vision of securing the benefits of technology for the advancement of society. The IEEE Global Public Policy website provides a window into these activities, as well as a repository of all public policy positions and statements adopted by IEEE or its organizational units in order to support the goal of engaging and informing IEEE members, the public, and policymakers around the world on technology-related aspects of public policy issues.

IEEE in Egypt

IEEE Egypt Section covers the geographical area of the Arab Republic of Egypt and was established on September 8, 1955 as the 2nd IEEE section outside the US, The 2nd IEEE section in Region 8 (Africa, Europe, and Middle East). IEEE’s Structure in Egypt is starting from the IEEE Egypt Section Board

Executive Officers

Ahmed Hassan Yousef

  • Chairman
  • Email:

Tamer A Elbatt

  • Vice Chairman
  • Email:

Ahmed Hasan Madian

  • Secretary
  • Email:

Islam A Eshrah

  • Treasurer
  • Email:

Under the Supervision of the IEEE Egypt Section Board there are many things but the most realized are

IEEE Student Branches “For Example IEEE El-Shorouk Academy SB” Young Professionals Which contains 4 main programs

  • Egyptian Engineering Day “EED”
  • Made in Egypt “MIE”
  • NASA Space Apps Cairo
  • Future City “F.C.” but unfortunately it was un-active the last 2 years

Please note that all of volunteering opportunities will be shared on the group

IEEE El-Shorouk Academy SB  Code of Conduct General Version
IEEE El-Shorouk Academy

IEEE El-Shorouk Academy is a student branch founded in 2016; Our Branch started its activities since the academic year 2016, since we started and the branch’s main target is to reduce the gap between the academic life & work life for the community we serve whether a volunteers or participants in our evets & workshop.

Structure of IEEE SHA SB

  • Chairman
  • Vice-Chair
  • Treasurer Operation Section
  • Secretary Branding Section
  • PES Chair
  • Multimedia Lead 
  • Marketing & Magazine Lead
  • Branding Lead
  • Training & Volunteers Lead
  • Website Lead
  • HR Lead
  • Non-Technical Lead
  • Technical Lead
  • FR Lead
  • Logistics Lead
  • PR Lead

Rules of IEEEians!

In the world of volunteering we work to develop ourselves to help others with the best

way ever, duo to that one of the biggest things we focus on is our behavior whether

Infront of the students or between us as a volunteers, The following points are ethical

rules for us in different situations;

➢ Booth of IEEE

When you are in the booth, you are a representative of us whatever your position, team

what you do is seen under the behavior of IEEEians, so be careful! , that’s why the next

group of rules are needed:

• You must be wearing the T-Shirt & ID “Make sure that they are the last


• You must have knowledge about what we are recruiting “Ask the booth leader”

• You must not eat or smoke

• You must respect the team leader’s directions

➢ Meetings

• Be supportive in setting the fixed time of the meeting

• You must respect the etiquette of the meeting:

• Be punctual

• Come prepared if needed

• Speak loud enough

• Actively listen and participate

• Take turns speaking

• Follow the agenda

• Ask the question at appropriate time

• Be attentive to your body language

• Put away technology

• In case of you will not attend, make it reasonable and tell your supervisor

➢ Communication chat channel

• You must show respect to your team leader & teammates

• You must check it daily for any announcements, if you found a lot of messages you can gently ask your leader if there any announcements you did not know

• In case any thing annoyed you do not hesitate to communicate with your lead or the HR coordinator in your team

➢ Tasks & Delivering channel

• The task must be given before the deadline with a suitable time

• You must make sure that you receive notifications form it “download the channel’s app, for example Google classroom”

• You must respect the time of delivering your task

• Incase if you did not understand your task do not hesitate to contact your lead to make everything clear

• If you will not be able to deliver your task on time, you must contact your lead and inform him

➢ Freeze Process

For members who have critical problems & would like to still being a part of IEEE SHA they can make a freeze for 2 weeks by following the next process:

• Send[IEEE SHA SB] [Freeze Request]

• Say your name & committee

• Explain Your condition

Please be noted that:

• The period of the freeze is 2 weeks and will downgrade your case a one degree

(for example if your case is normal it will be reminder)

• The maximum credit of freeze is 3 freezes

➢ Arguments

In case of arguments and misunderstandings we get back to the structure flow section to define who is the person to refer to, to follow the following flow:

• Know the problem form different point of views focusing on the two sides of the problem

• Make one to one meeting with each side

• Solve the problem & decide who is the fault one and set a suitable punishment after referring to the officers.

For meeting arguments, the person in charge is the head of the meeting.

Who to report to?

If a problem with another member, you should report to HR Coordinator or to your Lead

If a problem with the lead, you should report to the Officer who supervise on your team

If a problem with the supervisor, you should report to the Chairman

If a problem with the Chairman, You should report to the Steering committee

Ethical Rules of IEEEians!

➢ You must control your self under any pressure

➢ You must be commitment to what you do

➢ What happens in the meeting/Chat/Team... stays in its place.

➢ Always listen before you think then talk

➢ You must respect all the team

➢ Always do your best

➢ Respect the hierarchy of IEEE for delivering any thing

➢ Love what you learn to enjoy what you do!

➢ Be respectful of others

➢ We will be respectful of others, including IEEE members and IEEE Board, and will act in a professional manner while participating in IEEE activities.

➢ We will be respectful of the privacy of others and the protection of them personal information and data.

Rewarding & Punishment system

➢ Rewarding system

Each month there is a best member being awarded for each committee according to the HR evolution (Meeting absence, Tasks delivering time, task’s quality & engagement) & Team lead evolution

The best members will receive a certificate & got a recognition on our social media

➢ Punishment system

• For breaking the rules for the first time you will get a reminding mail

• For breaking the rules for the second time you will get a first warning mail & one to one meeting with the HR coordination

• For breaking the rules for the second time you will get a second warning mail & one to one meeting with the supervisor of board

• For the third time you will get a firing mail

Please be noted that your condition is downgraded each month, so if you got a reminder after month if you did not break any rule you will be in normal condition If you are fired, you will not be considered from the Alumni

If by the end of the season your condition were warning whether first or second you will not be able to participate in the New officer’s participation

If by the end of the season your condition was first warning you will not be able to participate in the New board’s participation

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