What is switchgear? What is it made of?

A combination of components

Switchgear is the combination of electrical disconnect switches, fuses, circuit breakers, current and voltage transformers, measurement devices, signaling and protection relays. It is used to distribute and control energy for all types of loads, intended for industrial, commercial and similar applications where operation by personnel is not intended.

Power and control circuits

What is switchgear? What is it made of? power and control circuit

Inside switchgear, we have two main circuits:

- Power circuit: composed of busbars, switching devices, current and voltage transformers, power cable connections, etc.

- Control circuit: composed of push button, metering devices, protection relay

Number of feeders

What is switchgear? What is it made of? feeders

Switchgear must have at least two functional units or feeders; a cubicle with a single breaker is not a switchgear. A cubicle with two breakers (in/out) is the minimum to be considered a switchgear.

Component interactions

What is switchgear? What is it made of? Component interactions

Interaction and coordination between the different apparatus, like a Direct On Line motor starter, is another key element to define a switchgear compared to a group of products.

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