Valeo Egypt Internship Program 2021

Valeo Egypt Internship Program 2021

Valeo Egypt is pleased to announce the launch of the internship program for 2021. The program is a real opportunity for acquiring professional experience and hands-on different technicalities. Undergraduates with diverse qualifications and willing to maximize their learning curve, are encouraged to apply in one of the offered internship opportunities (More details are in the application form).

If you are proactive, fast learner and enthusiastic to develop your skills, Here is your CHANCE!

Please make sure to apply not later thanAugust 8th through the following link:

Founded in 2005, Valeo Egypt is the largest one in Egypt today and the Group’s main software development center, with 2 offices covering more than 20,000 square meters in Smart Village. 

It currently employs over 2000 skilled software engineers. The R&D software development center has become a key player for Valeo Group as it currently develops 50% of the Group’s software production worldwide, hence exporting 100% of its services. 

Valeo Egypt’s main focus is to design, develop and maintain embedded software modules & systems for the automotive industry. Cairo-based Valeo engineers have developed various software enabling innovative technologies such as Valeo Park4U – automated parking, LED/Laser beam technologies and Stop-Start. Since 2015, Valeo Egypt has been actively contributing to Valeo’s software innovation activities globally through locally developed patents, publications, and new product development and has since then introduced an Innovation Car lab in Cairo that delivers advanced automotive technology proofs of concept.

يوجد تدريب هندسي في embeded system وتدريب في مواضيع اخري مثل HR - Sales وانت هتختار مجال من دول لو اخترت الهندسي
  • Embedded Software Developer Internship
  • Embedded Software Testing Internship
  • SW Application Internship
  • Computer Vision/Deep Learning Internship
  • Front-end Software Internship
  • Cloud Software (DevOps) Internship
  • Full-stack Software Internship
  • Helpdesk Internship
  • Model Based Design Internship
  • Quality Assurance Internship

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