Schlumberger Assesment Day

Schlumberger Assesment Day-بريمو هندسة

You are invited to attend the 2nd round of interview in our office. Please prepare a 15 minute presentation that will cover the below items. Please bring the presentation on a flash memory or CD.

1.Present your personal background.

2. At a personal level, describe three qualities that you consider to be your major strength. Explain why this is your major strength and how it helps you achieve your goals.

3. A summary of one of the following
- your thesis
- Recent university project.
- Internship/Summer training/ Coop

4. What do you expect from the initial years of your professional life and what do you expect to be the major challenges that you might face? Name the the things you think will not be able to handle in order to secure a career.

5. Tell us about your major interest outside of work. Specifically why does it inspire you and how has it been beneficial in other areas of your life?

6. What are the top three companies that you dream to join? as what? and Why?

7. Based on your knowledge of Schlumberger/Oil & gas business why do you think you fit this type of a career

Please contact me on xxxxx to confirm your attendance.


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