A(n) _____ provides peace of mind in knowing the investments made in a security management solution today will be future-proof, and provides maximum flexibility in how a solution is deployed, with simplified integrations and reduced development costs through the leveraging of industry protocols and hardware. 

Anytime accessibility is one of the reasons that companies move the security operations to the cloud. _____ provide facilities and security personnel with immediate insights and alerts from video monitoring, intrusion detection, access control, alarm management, and building management operations.

True or false? Convenience, versatility, flexibility and efficiency are all benefits of using the cloud for enterprise solutions.

One key requirement, _____, is crucial because it ensures that a multilayered cloud solution is designed with SSL and TSL encryption, so that it can protect communications between controllers, workstations, and mobile devices. Another important factor is two-factor authentication, which can help ensure access to only those authorized users.

An attractive benefit of the cloud is the considerable savings companies can realize because of a _____. Cloud implementations only require a minimal upfront investment because secured servers – as well as development, support, and maintenance – are managed by the service providers.

_____, with a current and holistic view of security operations, is a critical component of a building security solution. As events, transactions, alarms, and other instances are occurring, security teams can see synchronized updates without any latency or delays through capabilities such as push notifications

An IDC Energy Insights report found that ____ of respondents considered total cost of ownership as the single most important consideration for choosing a cloud service.

With a move to the cloud, organizations can take advantage of ______ that provides high performance, mobile access, and easier maintenance, deployment, and scalability.

Because of the innovation and cost savings of a cloud implementation, an organization’s investment creates a ­­­­______. There is no need to plan and prepare for massive updates and upgrades of existing systems, or extensive build-outs to replace outdated technology. The cloud provider takes care of all of that, with systems that are continually up-to-date and at the forefront of evolving technology.

 A 2016 State of the Cloud Survey, conducted by Right Scale, found that ­­­_____ of the IT professionals who responded said they are already using the cloud for many enterprise solutions – such as email and voicemail services, human resources (HR) systems, customer relationship management (CRM), and data storage.

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