Going Green with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Course

How many LEED Rating Systems currently exist?

This qualification ensures that building professionals are knowledgeable in the areas required to certify a green building. 

The US Green Building Council, also called the USGBC, states that the LEED rating system was designed for the following reasons

In green buildings, it is estimated that the energy use can be reduced by:


There are _______ levels of LEED certification.


There are ________ credit categories for the LEED certification.

Which of the following is not one of the credit categories for LEED?

LEED points can be scored by implementing solutions including monitoring and verification of energy use, renewable energy systems, building automation and control, energy efficient lighting, lighting controls and motor controls.

Energy monitoring systems can help to make which of the following decisions?

Variable speed drives adjust motor power consumption to system demand.

Summary of Going Green with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Course 

Going Green with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design كورسات شنايدر

  •  Buildings represent a large impact on our environment. Following the LEED guidelines will ensure that a building will have a smaller environmental footprint by reducing energy consumption, electricity consumption, and carbon emission
  • The demand for Green building is increasing exponentially as companies see the positive impacts it has on the environment as well as the bottom line.
  •  The USGBC was formed as a third party entity to standardize green building and to create a resource for people in order to identify what they need to do in order to implement these guidelines. 
  • Additionally, the USGBC offers the opportunity to apply for certification of a building 
  • The level of certification awarded to a building depends on the number of points obtained during the review process ©2011 Schneider Electric. All rights reserved. All trademarks provided are the property of their respective owners.
  • The more green building practices implemented, the higher the potential rating for that building 
  • In addition to offering a building certification, the USGBC also offers an accreditation to professionals wishing to be known in their industry as following green practices 
  • The LEED Rating System is set up to address all facets of building construction and operation from homes to commercial interiors, to buildings, schools, healthcare facilities and retail sites 
  • The rating system addresses both existing building remodels as well as new construction
  • It also covers building lifecycles from design to construction and construction phase to ongoing site operations and maintenance.
  • Schneider Electric has multiple product and service solutions which can assist you in maximizing your LEED points. Schneider Electric brings together the best brands from APC, Juno Lighting Group, Square D, TAC and Xantrex, providing a number of solutions including Energy Services, Monitoring and Verification of energy use, Renewable Energy Systems, Building Automation and Control, Energy Efficiency lighting, lighting and motor controls

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