The conflict between AC,DC Power - الصراع بين نيكولا تسلا واديسون

 History Of Power Systems:-


  • He is the founder for the electromechanical theories that we use today, he built a device produces a continuous circular motion which was the basis for the first AC-motor.

Thomas Edison:

  • He invented the light bulbs ,the first dc generator and used it to distribute light for a city.

Nikola Tesla:

  • He made the AC generator and prove that his idea is more accure than dc generator, and put the concept of the power systems we use today, and he made the transformer

The conflict between AC,DC Power:- (الصراع بين نيكولا تسلا واديسون)

  • Long wires in dc cause low voltage across the load ,so the limit of Thomas's system was 3 miles only, and Edison said that we can decrease the wires resistance by increasing cross section Area but that's was expensive and the wires become so heavy, and his generator must be closed to the area it feeds that caused noise and pollution.
  • Tesla solved these problems by generating an Ac power and make its voltage higher to get over the voltage drop problem and avoid using more cross section area cables.

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