MCQs on Electrical Test

Ideal value of voltage regulation of a device is?

Select one:
  • a. 0
  • b. ∞
  • c. a finite negative value
  • d. a positive finite value

With the increase in speed of a DC motor

Select one:
  • a. both back emf as well as line current increase.
  • b. back emf increases but line current falls.
  • c. both back emf as well as line current fall
  • d. back emf falls and line current increases

The effect of ------------------ on main field flux is armature reaction?

Select one:
  • a. armature mmf
  • b. armature current
  • c. armature flux
  • d. all of the above

For a dc machine shunt resistance and armature resistance values are

  • Select one:
  • a. high and low
  • b. low and high
  • c. low and low
  • d. high and high

If terminal voltage of one 1000 rpm shunt motor is reduced to half the speed of the motor will be
  • 500 rpm
  • 250 rpm
  • 1000 rpm
  • 2000 rpm
In DC machine torque depends on which of the following? 

  •  flux (φ) 
  •  armature current (I) 
  •  both A and B 
  •  speed

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