Miles Thinner; Slimmer Is Super-Fit after Going from 21 TO 11 STONE Slimmer Is Super-Fit after Going from 21 TO 11 STONE Rosie's for Ready Marathon to Thanks Loss Weight

SHE'S super-slim now, but Rosie Cairney was once twice the woman she is today.

Rosie, who weighed more than 21 stone, could hardly walk and was warned by doctors to diet or die.

Now the mum-of-one is a trim size 12 and 11 stone and will run the Edinburgh marathon next month.

It's a remarkable achievement for 5ft 6in Rosie, who just four years ago wore size 26 clothes.

We treated the 34-year-old to a makeover to celebrate her sporty new shape.

And she wants to inspire Scots to fight the flab using healthy eating and exercise - not drastic weight-loss surgery such as gastric bands.

Rosie said: "I never asked, 'Does my bum look big in this?' because I knew it always did.

"It was shocking as I didn't feel like a fat person inside. I came so close to having gastric band surgery. I was told I was morbidly obese and as my body fat was more than 40 per cent, I would be entitled to the operation.

"But I just couldn't face it, and I'm so pleased I did it without the operation. There is another way. Just do it."

At her heaviest, Rosie admits she would eat a family-size selection bag of crisps or a packet of biscuits in one sitting.

"From the second she got up in the morning and wolfed down at least four slices of toast dripping with butter, washed down with sugary tea, Rosie didn't stop eating. Mirrors were banned from her house as she hated the way she looked, but nothing stopped her comfort eating.

Rosie was spurred to action by her fear of dying young and leaving behind her daughter Isobel, now seven. But it meant unpicking bad habits of a lifetime.

She tried dieting for her wedding day to Scots chef, Jim, 53, at Powderham Castle in Devon but despite losing several stones recalls her horror at being a fat bride and squeezing into a size 22 dress.

Rosie has painful memories of growing up an overweight child. She started comfort eating after going to boarding school aged eight.

As she grew, that relationship with food spiraled out of control.

She said: "I'd spent my pocket money on packets of biscuits or fish and chips. I'd hide the evidence even at a young age. I was always thinking about food and wanting to eat. I was teased and picked on at school.

"I remember when I was around nine doing canoeing in a swimming pool and getting stuck in the canoe in front of my class. They had to come and help me out. The thought of that day still hurts now."

Rosie felt even more self-conscious as a teenager -, especially at discos.

She said: "Going out was traumatic because everyone else had boyfriends.

"I would never dance. I remember once a guy coming up asking to kiss me. He explained his friends had dared him to ask because I was the fattest and ugliest person in the room.

"I'd go home crying. It felt lonely at times. Today, it's hard to keep me off the dance floor. What a difference."

It was a relief when, after studying hospitality management at university, Rosie married Jim, finally, a man who loved her for who she was inside.

The couple opened Cairney's bistro, now a successful restaurant, but Rosie continued to pile on the pounds. Jetting off on holiday always started with tears as Rosie struggled to fit into an airplane seat.

Even simple things like sitting in the sun felt like torture for Rosie.

She said: "I had a fear of plastic chairs as I'd stand up and the chair would come with me, or I'd think, 'Can this chair hold my weight?' "I felt ashamed regularly. There were certain things I would never do because I was fat. I felt like a second rate citizen."

Rosie's weight soared to 21 stone when she was pregnant with Isobel. She developed gestational diabetes, which some women get in pregnancy but disappears after the baby is born.

She needed an emergency cesarean, but the doctor struggled to get an epidural needle into her back. …

sources: Miles Thinner; Slimmer Is Super-Fit after Going from 21 TO 11 STONE Slimmer Is Super-Fit after Going from 21 TO 11 STONE Rosie's for Ready Marathon to Thanks, Loss Weight

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