İbrahim Aktolon - Aşka İsyan

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Aska Rebellion

You're running today, me, tomorrow.
Wow a wow of wow anam
You're breaking love's pledge
You are sore, why are you breaking me
From now on lovers
This heart does not want to see
Inhaling shot knowingly
This time we ate
By revolting

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Commentator: Ibrahim Aktolon
Word-Music: Fatih ABB
Aranje: Yasin Keles
Mix & Mastering: Emre Kıral
Acoustic Guitar: Gültekin Kaçar
Electric Guitar: Gültekin Kaçar
Studios: Airport Records - Rock Music
Styling: Hakan Akkaya
Photo: Eren Yiğit
Cover Design: Galip Aksular
Hair Design: Tayfun Bakırhan
Make-up: Thanksgiving